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The most popular articles on Startupist for December

7 New Year resolutions for entrepreneurs

Three types of advisers to avoid when launching your startup

5 project management tools for entrepreneurs

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #9

Special interview with Ozan Yerli, founder of

2014: A Year-End Review

Entrepreneur’s annual startup checklist

How to cope with uncertainty in business

How to turn problems into opportunities

6 ways to get more recognition for your startup

The right way to quit your job for your startup

businessbooster The Competition 2015 will be held in Ankara

Special interview with Anders Hasselstrom, co-founder of Startuptravels

How to build a tech startup as a non-technical person

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #8

Special interview with Dave Zohrob receives 515.000 USD funding by several Turkish investors

How to become better public speaker

Four Social Media Tools to Save You Time

Special interview with Tommy Walker

Special interview with Mathew Johnson

Special interview with Selcuk Atli

Five ways to make better decisions

PR on a Shoestring Budget

STEP Conference 2015 – the main tech event for the Middle East

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #7

Web analytic tools you should try for your startup

How to overcome creative block

Top 3 marketing books of 2014

How to choose a co-founder for your startup

5 things entrepreneurs should know about themselves

How to give great presentation

The importance of long term planning when building a startup

Special interview with Sameer Shariff, the co-founder of Cambly

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #6

Five YouTube channels you shouldn’t miss

How to think out of the box in business

Protect your personal assets from the business risk of entrepreneurship

10 reasons to start your own business

How much is too much: revealing your startup idea

This is why you need a co-founder for your startup

How to find your passion and build innovative startup

Key points of choosing an office space for your startup

Business tasks entrepreneurs should find time for

10 Drucker quotes to boost your entrepreneurial spirit

5 tools to build an app prototype for you startup

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #5

The most popular articles on Startupist for November

5 must-read books for entrepreneurs

Why do you need a mentor?

How to embrace future changes for your startup

The business plan mistakes entrepreneurs make

Why you should hire millennials for your startup

10 important personality traits for entrepreneurs

How to form good habits

Listening is important for your startup

How to be more confident in business?

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #4

How to stay focused

Up, up, up: Managing professional development at a start-up

The art of taking risks

5 inspirational movies for entrepreneurs

Here is how to achieve your goals

Top tips on how to secure funding for your startup

Special interview with Pakistani entrepreneur Muhammad Raza Saeed

The role of intuition in entrepreneurship

How to win your first customer

The three questions entrepreneurs are tired of hearing

How to embrace the future Twitter changes for your startup’s social media strategy

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #3

The right stuff: How to hire for your startup

10 things to know before you launch your startup

The importance of your business model for your startup success

5 essential startup tools

3 things that are holding you back from launching your startup

The most valuable college majors for startup founders

Entrepreneurship and work-life balance

New E-commerce Law in Turkey

4 inspirational TED talks about leadership

Time management tips for entrepreneurs

8 things entrepreneurs can learn from children

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #2

How to hire your first startup employee

The importance of business networking for entrepreneurs

How to handle rejection and learn to move on

How to avoid procrastination?

Corporate skills every entrepreneur should master

Technology in Classrooms, Here is how Kalboard360 works

The capabilities entrepreneurs need to develop

The outstanding moments of Startup Istanbul event

When does a startup stop being a startup?

The Story of Blablacar from Nicolas Brusson & Ozan Sönmez

9 websites to help you learn how to code

Hi-tech Entrepreneurship in Sweden & Turkey

7 apps that every entrepreneur should use

Music Discovery is Still A Problem! But Why..Here is

Disrupt Startup ScaleUP will take place on November 14th - 16th in Athens, Greece

Andy Rubin leaves Google to lead startup incubator

Sunday International Column: Startups around the world

Can your idea become a successful business?

Your startup culture really matters

The ultimate startup marketing tips to follow

How to Pitch Like A Boss?

What is happening in Iran Internet Ecosystem? Mohsen Malayeri gave the details

What does every startup-friendly city need?

4 Content Promotion Tools For Online Marketers

7 mistakes every entrepreneur should try to avoid

6 Rules For Growth from Carlos Conde, Amazon Web Services

IBM Venture Capital Group Director, Deborah Magid's Talk At Startup Istanbul

What Are The Local Opportunities for Investors?

ProjectELI helps visually impaired people..Here are their pitch

ZarinPal Got The Mention Award At Startup Istanbul, Here They Are!

Do you wonder what happened at Mentorship program? Here is Erik Anderson’s Presentation

What are the up to date numbers about Twitter? Watch Sanjeet Matharu’s Talk at Startup Istanbul

Did You Watch The Presentation of Startup Istanbul Winner? Here is Connected2.Me

Etohum Has Invested in Pakistani Startup: Bookme!

Startup Istanbul 2014 Numbers

Etohum Meetings are Coming to London and Dublin

Senior Vice President of SAP, Cafer Tosun’s Startup Istanbul Talk

Qualcomm Ventures Director, Jason Ball’s Startup Istanbul Talk

Did You Watch The Presentation of Startup Istanbul Winner? Here is Connected2.Me

Founder of, David Lee’s Startup Istanbul Presentation

Michael Seibel (Y-Combinator) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Lean Kanban Istanbul 2014 Speakers Are Announced

Mastercard and Etohum Partnership to Support ''Fintech'' Startups

Marketing VP of Eventbrite, Marion Gamel's Startup Istanbul Talk

Silkroad Images won the 3rd Award At Startup Istanbul, Here is Their Pitch

The Smallest Printing Pen in the World, LIX Pen's Presentation at Startup Istanbul

Co-Founder of The Next Web, Boris Veldhuijzen Van Zanten's Startup Istanbul Talk

Founder of Dealroom, Yoram Wijngaarde’s Startup Istanbul Talk

Founder of KISSmetrics, Neil Patel Interview About Growth Hacking

Co-Founder of Udemy, Eren Bali's Startup Istanbul Talk

Microsoft Ventures GM, Rahul Sood's Startup Istanbul Talk

Adam Berk Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Philipp Kandal Main Stage Presentation: Kick Ass from An Emerging Market!

What VCs Really Want? (Learn from Startup Istanbul VCs)

Carlos Conde (Amazon Web Services) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Dave McClure (500 Startups) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Jason Ball (Qualcomm Ventures) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Lean Kanban Istanbul 2014 is Starting

Andy Tsao (Silicon Valley Bank) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Gary Parnell (SAP Startup Focus) Interview-Startup Istanbul 2014

Attracting foreign investment to MENA entrepreneurs: RiseUp Summit

Vitaly Golomb's Main Stage Talk at Startup Istanbul

CEO of Scaale Group, Kaushal Chokshi's Startup Istanbul Talk

Etohum London Speakers Are Announced

17 Countries Represented at RiseUp Summit 2014 in Cairo

Master in Growth Speakers Are Announced

Michael Seibel Main Stage Presentation: How to Startup!

The Pitches of 15 Finalists at Startup Istanbul

Uber Istanbul Has a New Family Member

Cairo to become regional entrepreneurial hub: RiseUp Summit 2014

Startup Istanbul: One Speaker Recap (Rahul Sood, GM Microsoft Ventures)

Connected2me is the winner of Startup Istanbul

Startup Istanbul: Entrepreneurship is a matter of mentality

Startup Istanbul Winner, got investment from 500 Startups

Riderson: Earn Money With Small Tasks

Istanbulite: Customized Experiences in Istanbul

The Entrepreneur Day by DSOA

Passwordless: Password-Free Mobile Authentication Platform

Urban Station and Startup Istanbul Partnership

Startup Istanbul & PayPal BluePrint Partnership

Startup Istanbul Attendees will be able to enter ICT Summit NOW 2014

Algeria's Startup Ecosytem: Abdellah Mallek Interview

iiAwards Competition: Call for Participation

Start Trek Visiting The Startup Community In Istanbul

Seamless: A Clever Mobile Advertising Platform

ProSiebenSat.1 Group offers 7 Million Euro Media Worth to Startups

Funimate: Be The Star of Your Own Music Clip

IDCEE-2014 will take place on October 9-10

Startup Istanbul Venue: Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center

VDecoration: The New of Virtual Decoration in 3D

Ekipa: Create Your Party Team

BKM Express Discount for Startup Istanbul Tickets

%50 Discount from Sendloop to Startup Istanbul Followers

DynaRules: The Next Generation Cloud Application Development System

Interview of Rahul Sood, Microsoft Ventures GM @ Startup Istanbul Blog

IBM Smartcamp 2014 Mentors Are Announced

Pricelizer: The Easiest Way to Make Remarkable Bargains!

Formio: Your Data on the Ground, Powered by the Cloud

Edgar: Tell A Great Story to Your Customers

Cafer Tosun, Senior Vice President at SAP Innovation Center will be at Startup Istanbul

Jidari: The Social Network that supports People's Social Lives

Amazon Web Services is supporting startups at Startup Istanbul

Co-Founder of The Next Web, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten will be at Startup Istanbul

Rest in Peace, A Real Dreamer, Stefano D’Anna

Ta3rifah: An Attractive Mobile Loyalty Platform

Feesheh: The Global Destination for Oriental Instruments

Your Travel Buddy: Travly

Event Hat: An Event Based Social Networking App

ClubInternet: ''Nouveau Connected Users''

Bulgarian Startup Culture

AmsasLink: A New Generation Smart Social Media Site

Falcolabs: A Complete Flight Assistance & Management System

Kosova Startup Ecosystem is Growing: Uranik Begu Interview

Iran Startup Ecosystem (Part 2): Hamidreza Ahmadi Interview

Awakening Of Heroes: The First MOBA Game on Oculus Rift Platform

Docido: The Smartest Search Engine for Your Clouds

Digital Out Of Home Advertising: ZAP!

Twitter is Officially Testing 'Buy' Button

Crowd Analyzer: A New Way of Monitoring Social Media in Arabic

LocName: A Shortcut for Your Address

Intellistats: Smart Users for Smart Phones

Greenoscope: A Marketplace for Green Building Projects

Easy Guitar: A Smart Way of Learning to Play Guitar

Footballoid: Social Network for Football Professionals

Iran Startup Ecosystem: Mohsen Malayeri Interview

Exceed Your Motion Limits with Magision's Holographic Technology

Dave McClure’s 4 Tips for the Perfect Startup Pitch

Alldaywifi: Wifi in Your Pocket

BethClip: Data Exchange With Single Click

Jens Pippig from ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator will be at Startup Istanbul

Revive Your Printed Books with Booke

Easy Way to Create Hotel App: HotelinPocket

The Best Hostels in Istanbul

Eventtus: Socialize Your Event

CeeVee: Tinder of the Job Market

The Best Coworking Spaces in Istanbul

Omar Hassan from L&P will be at Startup Istanbul Conference

The Future of Music Streaming:

Wrist: A Smart Way of Cashless Payment

LIX - The Smallest Printing Pen in the World

Twitter Ads now Avaliable in 35 EMEA Markets

Being Successful is a Sexy Thing

Startup Istanbul Announcement - Selected Startups in 1st Round

Growth Hacking Tips: Why is Remarketing Important?

%30 Discount from Secure Drive to All Startup Istanbul Attendees

Secure Drive is The Official Transportation Sponsor of Startup Istanbul

Istanbul Eats (Part 2): The Best Lunch Spots

Developer Bootcamps: Time to Enlist

A New Startup from Guatemala Needs Your Help to Join Startup Istanbul

Max Gurvits, VC Partner at Teres Capital, will be at Startup Istanbul

Listen to Eren Bali, CEO of Udemy, at Startup Istanbul Conference

Two-Times Speaker Medaillon Winner, Bas Van den Beld will be at Startup Istanbul

Kamal Hassan will be coming to Startup Istanbul

Jason Ball will be at Startup Istanbul

Runa Capital Partner, Vera Shokina will be at Startup Istanbul

Dave McClure will be on stage at Startup Istanbul

Philipp Kandal will be at Startup Istanbul Stage

Andy Tsao, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank will be at Startup Istanbul

4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Istanbul Eats (Part 1): The Best Breakfast Spots

Istanbul: Home of Grand Bazaar

3 Tools to Automate Your Content Sharing

Antal Karolyi from Traction Tribe will be at Startup Istanbul

Microsoft Ventures Partner, Rahul Sood will be at Startup Istanbul

5 Networking Tips at a Conference

What is this 500 Startups?

8 Growth Hacking Tips for Your Websites

Startup Challenge Announcement (Who will take the stage?)

IBM SmartCamp 2014 Finals will be held at Startup Istanbul

3 Realistic Things that Investors Look for in a Startup

The Growth Hacking - Mindset of Data

Speed Networking Event at Startup Istanbul

Nisantasi - Istanbul's Stylish Suburb

BlaBlaCar' Success Story: Trust

Marion Gamel will be on Startup Istanbul Stage

Do You Have the Right Business Partner?

Istiklal Street - Grand Rue de Pera

4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Are Making on Twitter

Determination is What Matters

Common Pitfalls in Fundraising (and how to avoid them)

The Benefits of E-Learning

3 Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Nabeel A. Qadeer

Startup Training Program

Cinaralti Tea Garden

Budget Hostels in Istanbul

David Lee



Weather in September

Exchange Rate



How to get Taksim?

10 touristic places to visit

Songs of Istanbul

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)

Cats in Istanbul

Nostalgic Tram

Emek Cafe

Siluet of Istanbul

Ortakoy Mosque

Galata Bridge

Basilica Cistern

Neil Patel (KISSmetrics)

Steven Seggie (Ozyegin University)

Adam Berk (Entrepreneurial Science)

Allen Taylor (Endeavor)

Mike Reiner (Chief Wise Guys)

Vitaly Golomb (CEED Valley Ventures)

Erhan Erkut (MEF University)

Nicolas Brusson (Blablacar)

Michael Seibel (Y-Combinator &

Gary Stewart (Wayra)

Chris Chabot (Twitter)

Carmina Burana in the Hagia Irene Church

Turkish Food

Turkish Tea - Çay

Maiden's Tower

Hanan Lavy (Microsoft Ventures Accelerator)

Apply for Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech Accelerator Now!

IBA Start-up Conference

Happy Farm is launching specialized business tours to the Silicon Valley

StartupTurkey 2014: Where were all the …?

Etohum announced the most successful 15 startups of 2014

What drives Success in StartUps? Don’t ask Sam Altman!