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Startup Istanbul 2015: Steli Efti on Why You Should Hustle Your Way to Success

Steli Efti was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. During his stage talk, his energy was filling the room with enthusiasm and positivism. He spoke about the importance of learning how to hustle and why it will help you on your way to becoming successful entrepreneur. Continue reading

Steli Efti Will Be at Startup Istanbul on 03-05 October

It is very exciting to announce that Steli Efti, who is serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Close.io, will be one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 event. Startup Istanbul is the Leading startup event in Eurasia. The event will take place in Istanbul on 03-05 October.  To register for the event, click here

Watch Steli Efti’s TEDxNewHaven Talk, where he talks about success in life and the importance of happiness in entrepreneurship.