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Dave McClure at Startup Istanbul: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Dave McClure was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. He spoke about the challenges, which the entrepreneurship ecosystems in emerging markets are facing and pinpointed some of the most problematic aspects as follows: the lack of investors; the lack of entrepreneurs; the lack of many paying customers; startups have no traction and have no idea how to get it; there aren’t many exits and most of the existing ones are small; in emerging markets sometimes investing in real estate is better bet than investing in startups; most accelerators are not that great; employees don’t understand equity; most of the startups never go global; and most founders and investors in the emerging markets don’t think that they are as good as the founders and the investors in Silicon Valley. Continue reading

5 Tips: How to Make Your Presentation Slides Awesome

Giving presentations is an essential and very important part of the work process of every entrepreneur. You will give presentations in front of potential investors as part of your pitch to them, you will give presentations in front of your team members, co-founders and business partners, even, in some cases, in front of clients. It is important to know how to create and give killer presentations in order to win and keep the attention of your audience. Here you will find five tips that will help you to make awesome slides for your next killer presentation. 

Message and Idea

Before you even start planning the content and the visual appearance of your slides, make sure that you have clear idea about the message that you want to send to your audience. Answer this question: What do you want to achieve with your presentation? This will save you precious time and will be the guideline you need to follow when doing the rest steps of your creative process.


Your presentation must be structured very logically and your slides should be consistent and successive. Organize your main points into a logical sequence and follow this sequence in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.


Your slides must look like a part of one whole, one complete flow of ideas and information, but still to keep their uniqueness and specific effect.


The slides you create must be relevant to what you are saying during your presentation. The pictures you include in your slides must underline the given information. You are including the photos to visually support the information, so keep them relevant to your text.

The text

Format properly the text in your slides: choose eye-friendly font, proper size and color of the text. Avoid adding so much text, especially if it matches what you are saying. Use easy to remember keywords, which carry the same meaning.