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2015: My Person of the Year

Writer: Peri Kadaster

As I write my last post of the calendar year, I am stunned to think back at all of the change we experienced in 2015, both locally in Turkey (2 elections!) and globally (HP split! so did Ben Affleck and Jen Garner!). With regional tensions, a shaky lira, and polarized electorate, there are many potential obstacles that may greet Turkey in the new year. However, these challenges provide a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs in that times of confusion and/or resource scarcity require the discipline of laser-like focus on mission, product, and capital allocation that can, counter intuitively, help adept entrepreneurs be poised for unique success in a time of uncertainty. Continue reading

Startup Istanbul 2015: Extended List of Attendees

Startup Istanbul, the leading startup event in Eurasia, this year will take place on 03-05 October.  As every year investors and top tier tech executives from all over the world take on the stage, this year there will be no difference.

Along with Dave McClure, Steve Blank, Morten Lund, Teruhide Sato, Prof. Hans Wissema and the rest of the world-known speakers and mentors of the event, many other entrepreneurs, investors, and startup enthusiasts will attend Startup Istanbul 2015 event. Here you can find extended list of the attendees of the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the most important startup event in Eurasia  and register for the event here. Continue reading

Developer Bootcamps: Time to Enlist

This post is written by Peri Kadaster

While not all startups are started from lines of code, from photography filtering apps to ecommerce websites for shoes to taxis that find you wherever you are, software engineering is a critical aspect of entrepreneurship. For even the most basic B2C products and services, consumers are using technology to engage, and that requires building a strong platform.

But coding can’t be done in a vacuum – it requires real life deployment to find bugs, learn usage behavior, and build a feedback loop between user and developer. A major initiative has been the advent of “developer bootcamps,” bridging focused training time with real life applications.

One of the first was Dev Bootcamp, founded in the US in 2012 as an intensive, 9-week web development course – a self-described “apprenticeship program on steroids.” Dozens quickly followed, including App Academy, Code Fellows, and more.

More recently, bootcamps have been popping up in other parts of the world, especially in areas where computer software degree programs are nascent and the student / young professional demographic is tech savvy and has disposable income for gadgets.

Locally, Monitise (formerly Pozitron) is launching Turkey’s first developer bootcamp, a full week crash course called CodeCamp Istanbul kicking off in September. More information is available at codecampistanbul.com

There are similarities in the pedagogy across all of these bootcamps – lecture-based and practical courses on development by the experts, paired with mutlidisciplinary training on design, usability, quality assurance, and more.

The advent of developer bootcamps is a welcome addition to the startup ecosystem, providing valuable skills to developers as well as a talent pool for startups (and investors).