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The Story of Blablacar from Nicolas Brusson & Ozan Sönmez

Nicolas is co-founder & COO of BlaBlaCar. He leads the company’s international growth and operations. Naturally pragmatic, he uses fast iteration to uncover high-growth opportunities. Nicolas is a strong advocate of local teams and acqui-hire, a strategy he implemented to expand BlaBlaCar’s footprint to a global scale. He also led BlaBlaCar’s $100m financing.

Ozan Sönmez obtained experience in leadership initiatives of UN Global Compact in New York and Geneva. He later worked for Angel Wings Ventures from the Netherlands, an impact investment advisory house specialised on social entrepreneurship and launched the AWV Turkish Office. He is Venture Lab Accelerator at KAUST now.

Nicolas and Ozan talked about Blablacar’s story and its expansion plans. You can watch the full talk on here:

Nicolas Brusson & Ozan Sönmez – Startup Istanbul – 30 September 2014

BlaBlaCar' Success Story: Trust

The Co-Founder of Blablacar, Nicolas Brusson will be on Startup Istanbul. Get Your Early Bird Tickets.

BlablaCar is a web-based community which connects drivers with empty seats to paying passengers, founded by Frederic Mazzella and Nicolas Brusson. It has become the most active car sharing community  in Europe. BlablaCar launched its service in 2009, and made the actual take off in 2010.

The service was born in France firstly, then, it moved to other European countries. BlaBlaCar has over 6 million members and claims a million active monthly users.  The company has built its community on trust between people that shared something: a geographical location, a territory..etc. It was an important hint to gain success on this kind of operation. Let’s look at what the founders says about trust:

”Where there is trust, there can be collaboration. There can be value.”

”What our study shows is that past recorded transactions are a trusted proxy for a relationship.”

”Being able to create trust is a game changer for society.”

”Trustman is the symbol of new collaborative attitudes and the positive impacts of which have only just begun to be felt.”

You can watch Nicolas Brusson’s talk on LeWeb London 2013 stage.

Do you want to listen and meet with Nicolas Brusson in Istanbul? Join us then, on 30th of September.