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The power of vision in entrepreneurship

In entrepreneurship, every step towards development and growth is inspired by great vision and ambition for innovation. The world needs more visionary leaders to create and build products and services that bring value to our lives and solve important problems. Entrepreneurs must know the value of strong leadership and must aim to becoming visionary leaders, leaders who are able to predict the future market trends and are able to plan and act accordingly to these predictions. Continue reading

Startup Istanbul 2015: Steli Efti on Why You Should Hustle Your Way to Success

Steli Efti was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. During his stage talk, his energy was filling the room with enthusiasm and positivism. He spoke about the importance of learning how to hustle and why it will help you on your way to becoming successful entrepreneur. Continue reading

18 Experts Reveal Their Core Startup Advice for Entrepreneurs

At Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference many entrepreneurs had the chance to meet with influential mentors, advisors, mentors and investors from around the world and to receive valuable advice about entrepreneurship. See what startup advice and tips the experts gave to the entrepreneurs and learn from their experience! Continue reading

Startup Istanbul 2015 Stage Talk: Ed Roberto

Ed Roberto, VP of Middle East and Africa at Techstars, was one of the speakers and mentors at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. In his stage presentation he talked about angel investing, the opportunities, which failure gives to the entrepreneurs, and shared the most important entrepreneurial characteristics, which are inevitable part of the startup success. Continue reading

Startup Istanbul 2015: Amal Dokhan on the Role of Universities and the Importance of Technology in Entrepreneurship

Amal Dokhan is a design thinker and currently part of the Entrepreneurship Center in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, where she takes number of roles including the New Ventures Acceleration, Corporate Innovation program and other innovation initiatives. Amal was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. Continue reading

Startup Istanbul 2015: Aurore Belfrage and Teruhide Sato

Aurore Belfrage and Teruhide Sato were part of Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. In their stage talk, which you can watch in the video below, they talked about the importance of the entrepreneurship ecosystems beyond Silicon Valley, about the “kings” and “queens” in the context of entrepreneurship and about the next expected “big thing”, coming from the emerging markets.   Continue reading

Watch the Presentation of Morten Lund at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference

Morten LundChairman Board of Directors of CapitalAid Ltd, was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul  2015 Conference.

In the past 15 years, Morten Lund, who is Danish serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has co-invested and founded more than 100 tech startups, such as Skype,  Maxthon, Zecco and others. Continue reading

Prof. Hans Wissema at Startup Istanbul 2015: Future Trends in Entrepreneurship

Prof. Hans Wissema, who is academic, consultant, mentor and writer, was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. Prof. Hans Wissema is Professor at the Technology University in Delft, the Netherlands, a Managing Director of Wissema Consulting Ltd and Chair of DIWA Foundation. Prof. Hans Wissema, entrepreneur himself, has successfully combined throughout his whole professional life his academic work with a consultancy career in the field of management, innovation and entrepreneurship. Continue reading