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Startups, are you getting too much advice?

A common practice for most first time founders is that they constantly seek advice and mentorship in a bid to accelerate growth. A common pitfall however is that much of the advice they get can be misleading. Getting too much advice from supposedly individuals who even though mean well can lead to a path of failure. Continue reading

How to make your startup stand out

This piece is derived from Mike Butcher’s talk at Startup Turkey 2015. In 2016: Startup Turkey will be on 25-27 February. Get ready for best speakers and startups from Eurasia!

The point here is what’s news? See what I want you to think about is not what PR is, what press releases are. What news? because if you’re trying to talk to the media, the media is interested in news. Something that’s new obviously. Continue reading

10 Things You Can Effortlessly Do to Rocket Your Business

Every entrepreneur can achieve a lot through hard work, but when you do everything with commitment and persistence you are able to exceed even your own expectations. In 2016 you can rocket your business with a lot of work, but you can also do these 10 effortless things that can help you to achieve exciting results. Continue reading

The power of vision in entrepreneurship

In entrepreneurship, every step towards development and growth is inspired by great vision and ambition for innovation. The world needs more visionary leaders to create and build products and services that bring value to our lives and solve important problems. Entrepreneurs must know the value of strong leadership and must aim to becoming visionary leaders, leaders who are able to predict the future market trends and are able to plan and act accordingly to these predictions. Continue reading

2015: My Person of the Year

Writer: Peri Kadaster

As I write my last post of the calendar year, I am stunned to think back at all of the change we experienced in 2015, both locally in Turkey (2 elections!) and globally (HP split! so did Ben Affleck and Jen Garner!). With regional tensions, a shaky lira, and polarized electorate, there are many potential obstacles that may greet Turkey in the new year. However, these challenges provide a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs in that times of confusion and/or resource scarcity require the discipline of laser-like focus on mission, product, and capital allocation that can, counter intuitively, help adept entrepreneurs be poised for unique success in a time of uncertainty. Continue reading

Startups are not like real estate. So why invest in them at all?

Another thing that’s a challenge is that sometimes a very simple bet on real estate has a much higher return than startups with a lower failure profile. In fact in many emerging markets investing in a real estate plays probably just an index better on the overall country’s growth and a simpler way to get access to that growth than startups. Continue reading

Murat Özyeğin will be in Startup Turkey 2016

Murat Özyeğin, Fiba Holding board member, is one the most experienced people in banking. He finished his MBA in Harvard University and started his career at Bear Stearns & Co. New York office.  After couple years of experience, he returned to Turkey and joined family company Fiba Holding. With the family company, he organized Business Development and Strategic Planning department in Finansbank and Fiba Banka.
Murat Özyeğin also really interested in entrepreneurial ecosystem, as a mentor and speaker in the important event.

Murat Özyeğin will be in Startup Turkey 2016. You can follow this link to join Startup Turkey.