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Startup Istanbul 2015 Challenge: Meet the Winners

Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference was an extraordinary event, effectively blending startups, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, world-known speakers, mentors, and people who were there only to network. The spirit of ambition, motivation and eagerness to connect was filling the beautiful halls of Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center.

On the stage we saw many well-known in the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world speakers and mentors. The attendees had the privilege to listen to Steve Blank, Dave McClure, Morten Lund, Steli Efti,Christopher Schroeder, Ross Kingsland and many other extraordinary people. Continue reading

Three Simple Ways to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Entrepreneurs often fall into the routine they have in their comfort zone. It is understandable: it is nearly surprise and anxiety free place where they feel almost all the time at ease. But the magic of innovation doesn’t happen in someone’s comfort zone. It requires hard work, thinking out of the box, problem solving and experimenting through failure. If you feel that you are getting too comfortable in your startup venture, you have probably fallen into the trap of the comfort zone. Here you can find three very simple things that will help you start thinking out of the box and reach new and exciting places in your startup venture. Continue reading

Set yourself up to success: Take on a personal challenge

It is true: You can’t achieve something new and truly innovative if you don’t do something you haven’t done before. Innovation requires diversity in your actions and creativity helps you keep challenging yourself by taking brave and bold yet calculated risks.

Entrepreneurship is all about the vision and the aim for innovation and entrepreneurs need to know how to challenge themselves in order to achieve constant improvement and to exceed their personal limits. By pushing yourself, you are to understand better your strengths and your weaknesses and how they affect your startup’s growth.

Why challenging yourself is so important in entrepreneurship (and for our personal lives, too)? Accepting the personal challenge you are willing to take yourself out of the comfort zone and to push yourself beyond your personal limits. Many people tend to live in their own deception without realizing that the great and most innovative things happen to those who dare to push themselves a little more.

Entrepreneurs must change their mindset and eliminate all the fear of failure in order to create new ways for their startup success. When there is no path, don’t turn back, but start building the road yourself if you believe that this is the right direction.

Always challenge yourself to learn new things, to apply new business approaches, to do something that you haven’t done before, to explore new possibilities. By challenging yourself you are to get used to change and accept that there is always something new and more efficient that can be done in your company.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a go-getter, you can try to put yourself in especial situations that will help you discover the hidden confidence inside you. The more you do so and the more you challenge yourself, faster you will understand that you are capable of much more than you expected.

Never assume that you can’t do something if you haven’t tried it yet. It may take long time to practice, to fail and learn, but in the end you will be able to accomplish it. Set yourself challenging goals that make sense for your business development and soon you will find yourself more excited about the goal setting process.

Challenge and learning

Challenge yourself to learn different things every day, to develop new skills and capabilities or acquire knowledge that can help your business grow and succeed.

Challenge and taking up a new business course

Challenge yourself to take brave actions towards the development of new projects or improvements of your product. Challenge yourself to think out of the box when you create new strategies, when you approach investors and when you apply new leadership approach for your team. By pushing yourself out of the comfort zone you are to make brave decisions and to lead the company into new course of development and success. Challenge yourself to embrace uncertainty and to make it work for you.

Challenge and inspiration

Challenge yourself and the people you work with by setting examples and good practices that can inspire them and motivate them to wake up their creativity and strengthen their approach for making new decisions and achieving better work results.

Challenge and self-confidence

By challenging yourself you are to discover how many things you are capable of. The calm sea doesn’t make good sailors. Be prepared to face your better self and to actually understand that there is always something more you can do if you try harder.

Challenge and personal development

The personal traits of entrepreneur are very important for the success of their startup. By challenging yourself to become better leader and mentor you are to perfect many of your personal skills and this really can improve the course of your startup.