How to Avoid Technology Distractions and Focus Better

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Technology has a major role in our everyday lives. It often seems impossible to keep up with many of our daily tasks without the help of some great devices and apps, not to mention Internet in general. But, as almost everything else in life, everything good has some not so great parts in it. Technology […]

How the Things You Concentrate On Shape Your Startup Success

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The things you concentrate on and dedicate your work on shape who you become as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs take important decisions on everyday basis and this can be very stressful and exhausting part of the daily schedule. The decision making process is challenging yet very important for the future of all startups. One of the […]

How to Make Hard Choices

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There are many obstacles in front of every entrepreneur and most of the time the future of their startups depends on their personal decisions. Even though you are most likely to benefit from the wrong decisions if you have the ability to analyze them well and learn your lesson, there are some decisions you can […]

Top 10 tips to take the best out of Startup Istanbul


The article is written by Mohammad Abu Musa, Etohum Ambassador at UAE. Startup Istanbul is a must-attend event, without the right strategy you will end up spending hours and dollars without real added value to get out of the conference. I am sharing some tips I found useful to get the best out of Startup Istanbul, […]

Five Game-Changing Ways to Becoming Successful Entrepreneur

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Creating and keeping a good habit, especially a daily habit, can take time, but will actually help you to become happier, more productive and more successful in the long run. Forming a good, healthy habit doesn’t happen overnight, but once you achieve it, it will most definitely pay off. Here you can find five game-changing […]

Meet The Partners of Startup Istanbul 2015: Endeavor Turkey

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As Startup Istanbul Conference is the leading startup event in the Eurasia region, it offers to its sponsors and partners a perfect occasion to reach their strategic targets while establishing new business relationships. Meet the sponsors and partners of this year’s conference and do not hesitate to register for the event here. Endeavor Turkey is […]

3 Useful Tips On How To Communicate With Confidence

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Being confident – believing realistically in yourself and in your business venture – are essential factors, which can help you to achieve more than what you have wished for. The way you feel about yourself and the work you do are the key ingredients, which shape the way other people see you. You should be […]

Why Entrepreneurship should be Taught in University?

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All entrepreneurs, who manage to start and grow their companies just from an idea through great action plans and execution, are the people who are shaping the future. Entrepreneurs are the visionary people who see the world differently, who want to solve problems and bring solutions, who know how to turn obstacles into opportunities and […]

Three Main Sacrifices Successful Entrepreneurs Make

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Entrepreneurship is about dedication, which includes many personal, financial and professional sacrifices that most of the entrepreneurs make in order to achieve their goals and build successful, profitable companies and recognizable brands. Clearly, starting a business requires sacrifice and here you can find three of the most common main sacrifices that successful entrepreneurs make. Personal […]

How to handle rejection and learn to move on

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Rejection by itself is not that scary. What is scarier is the fear of rejection. This fear holds back many entrepreneurs and disturbs their businesses. One of the most popular personal qualities every entrepreneur must have is the skill: “To be able to take rejection.” Facts are facts. Presumably there is not even one entrepreneur […]