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How to Pitch Like A Boss?

Vitaly Golomb’s made a great presentation at Startup Istanbul Conference. Maybe you know or not, He is also an award-winning designer. When we combined these skills with his entrepreneurship knowledge, he was the right person to give pitch training to our 100 startups.

Vitaly’s showed how an investor pitch should be on Startup Istanbul mentorship and training days which was held at Microsoft Turkey Office. You can watch this inspiring training on below also you can reach his slides on this slideshare link.

Vitaly Golomb – Etohum Startup Istanbul 2014

What is happening in Iran Internet Ecosystem? Mohsen Malayeri gave the details

Mohsen Malayeri is an Iranian entrepreneur and startup community leader. After co-founding a startup in Digital Advertising in 2009, Mohsen continued his journey by co-founding Iran Entrepreneurship Association (IEA) in 2012. The organization has played an important role in building startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Iran through initiatives such as StartupWeekend, Global Entrepreneurship Weekend (GEW) operating nationally. In 2014 he cofounded Avatech, the Iranian startup accelerator to help entrepreneurs create sustainable startups and opportunity to raise money.

Mohsen talked about  startup ecosystem and local success stories in Iran. He also compared Turkish and Iranian market and mentioned why it is the right time to invest in Iranian startups. You can watch the full presentation on here:

Mohsen Malayeri – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

4 Content Promotion Tools For Online Marketers

Is anyone left who didn’t hear content marketing?  I guess, not! Especially marketers are in a big race about content curation marathon. As the competition increases, online marketers need to adopt new strategies to promote the content. According to the researches two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content.

Creating quality content is important, it is ok, but what about the promotion? It’s not the time to wait someone else to discover and share your content with all over the world. So, content promotion or distribution, whatever you call, is as important as quality content. Here are some content promotion tools which can help you to boost your traffic.


Outbrain is a great content discovery platform to grow your audience by distributing your content on other sites. It is basically connects related links to help people find interesting content. Outbrain uses behavioral targeting which is a technique uses an individual’s web-browsing behavior, to recommend interesting articles, blog posts, photos and videos to a reader.

In Outbrain, you can set up your daily budget, cost-per-click (CPC), campaign dates and also add your content. You can change these settings at anytime you want.



Taboola is another great content discovery and promotion tool which recommends sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly-trafficked sites such as Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Mashable, Eurosport, etc. According to ComScore, Taboola reaches more than 86 percent of U.S. desktop users. The company also reaches more than 150 billion recommendations and 400 unique visitors each month.

Taboola allows you to monetize your content and increase engagement with its powerful discovery engine which has proven to deliver 50%-300% higher CTRs.



Zemanta is a remarkable tool to build great links with its high quality sources. Zemanta promotes your content to the right publishers at the right time and allows you to access campaign analytics through one dashboard. The company is doing it with promoted recommendations, in-stream ads, in-text ads, and sponsored content. Zemanta is also partnering with other content promotion companies such as Outbrain, so if you want, you can be buying content ads on Outbrain’s network.



ContentClick is another tool delivers 5x higher monetization than traditional banners. It offers you pay per click based targeted traffic. ContentClick has different options for advertisers, publishers and bloggers. For example if you have a blog ContentClick’s plugin reads what you write and suggests related, sponsored content from its network. It has also real-time dashboard so you can check your earnings.


6 Rules For Growth from Carlos Conde, Amazon Web Services

Carlos Conde is the Chief Technology Evangelist for AWS EMEA and works with businesses of all sizes to help them understand the technical aspects of Amazon Web Services and move their IT into the cloud. During his career Carlos has worked in enterprises and start-ups, having launched and sold many of his own companies. Carlos uses this experience to help customers bring their ideas to life using Amazon Web Services’ IT infrastructure platform.

Carlos talked about the growth and how startups can use AWS to drive their businesses. You can also watch Carlos’s interview about the application process for Amazon Web Service.

Carlos Conde – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

IBM Venture Capital Group Director, Deborah Magid's Talk At Startup Istanbul

Deborah Magid represents IBM’s $25B software business in the company’s 14-year old Venture Capital Group. Deborah shares insights about emerging markets, technologies, and business models with venture firms and entrepreneurs around the world; while scouting for emerging business opportunities. As a director of strategy in IBM Software Group, she also brings insight from the venture community to the development of IBM’s growth strategies.

Deborah talked about how the venture capital ecosystem helps to drive global innovation and why there are huge opportunities both small startups and big companies today. Deborah also mentioned the smart technologies and gave some examples about internet of things.

You can watch the full talk on here:

Deborah Magid – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

What Are The Local Opportunities for Investors?

There were different effective panels at Startup Istanbul Conference and one of them was about local opportunities. With the moderation of Barıs Aksoy, our panelists, Tomasz Danis from MCI Management and Andy Tsao from Silicon Valley Bank tried to answer the questions such as:

  • Do you think that VCs are more interested in global startups than local ones?
  • Do you think there will be more Silicon Valleys around the world?
  • What is the role of government to build a sustainable ecosystem?

You can watch the panel on here:

Panel “Local Opportunities for Investors” – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

ProjectELI helps visually impaired people..Here are their pitch

ProjectEli is founded in Germany to support visually impaired people in their daily lives. For indicating sources of danger, warning about obstacles and for protecting themselves blind people can download our App for free. Without investing any money in sensors or hardware they will find their way around easily. To confirm that participating companies are unhampered by barriers for blind people they issue a ProjectELI-Certification after testing their facilities.

ProjectEli is a hardware, application and platform. All you have to do is sticking the hardware to the object you want to track. Then, you’ll start to get notified of sources of danger, warnings about obstacles and realtime updates.

Now, you can watch the details of this project at their Startup Istanbul Pitch:

ProjectELI – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

ZarinPal Got The Mention Award At Startup Istanbul, Here They Are!

Iranian Startup, ZarinPal has been selected as the honorary winner of Startup Istanbul. ZarinPal is an online payment gateway which is the first system started service providing in Iran. They are the only company which have certification of work from central bank of Iran and none of their competitors have this type of certifications.

On the other hand and services side they have the largest bundle of services from interconnection of banks till new channels payment like USSD. On the security area, ZarinPal is the only company which is PCI-DSS and also none of their competitors doesn’t have a trusted SSL which is a basic must on financial areas.


Did You Watch The Presentation of Startup Istanbul Winner? Here is Connected2.Me got the 1st award of Startup Challenge at Startup Istanbul and guess what happened then? They got investment from Dave McClure, 500 Startups and moved to U.S. They are in 500 Startups’ office now and working to expand their business to the globe. is a global social network with 2.6 million registered users now. Daily visitors and monthly new users are 200K and 100K per month, respectively. Its unique features are -Anonymity: It allows communication without revealing your identity. Both web and mobile: runs on both web and mobile platforms.

You can watch the winner pitch from its founder Ozan Yerli on here:


Etohum Has Invested in Pakistani Startup: Bookme!

Etohum is announcing its new investment, the Pakistani Startup Bookme which allows to buy cinema and bus tickets via their web and mobile applications. Bookme was also one of the selected startups for mentorship and training program before Startup Istanbul Event.

Bookme is founded by Faizan Aslam, CEO of Macro Pak Solutions, in Lahore, Pakistan in March 2014. Bookme has a team of 9 people and aims to become online booking destination for Pakistanis.  Bookme started at small scale but now own it has three offices in major cities of the country and launching services in Islamabad on 1st Nov. Bookme has also more than 10 API partnerships that will help reach a wider audience.

They’ve already sold 93000+ tickets until today and they get 10% of ticket price. There is one competitor for bus ticketing in the market now, Rocket Internet Company, Click Bus, but they have not any competitor for cinema ticketing. Returning customer rate is %37 which is a good for a new startup.

With this app, you can get all the information of the happenings within the country, up coming events, transport and cinema ticketing.


Faizan says about the investment:

“I was fortunate enough to get selected for Startup Istanbul last month and it was there that I first met with the Etohum team and its founder. What followed were a series of meetings not only with the team but with some of their board of directors as well. We were in constant contact even after I came back and eventually got around to finalizing the terms of the investment formally about two weeks ago.”

Founder of Etohum, Burak Büyükdemir says:

”Pakistan is a very valuable and important market for us; not only for Etohum, but also for Turkey because of its talented and creative internet-oriented entrepreneurs. This means a great deal of potential for Pakistan and the whole region. Looking back to the region’s biggest startup and networking event, Startup Istanbul, I recall many keen and bold Pakistani participants with whom I had a chance to talk with. As the Founder of, Faizan is undoubtedly one those enthusiastic Pakistani entrepreneurs. We are indeed very happy to invest on his and his team’s amazing work. Pakistan’s biggest accelerator, PlanX, is also very good at supporting value-added startups like On this wise, we also would like to congratulate them, once again, as our business partner for their great commitment. As Etohum, the leading accelerator and seed investor organization in Turkey, we already invested in 40 internet-startups and will keep on investing in 10 different startups on an annual basis. Apart from Turkish startups, we also have two US-based startups and is our first Pakistani startup investment. We wish a bright and successful future in the Pakistani startup ecosystem and hope that it would become a model for the next-generation entrepreneurs in Pakistan.”

Bookme lets you buy all sorts of tickets on the go. It has three key areas, which separates it from all ticketing platforms in world.

1. Data and profiling: Bookme maintain record of customers and do intelligent profiling that helps in targeted marketing.

2. Platform with reach: They build API’s and give to diverse set of groups like banks, telcos, mobile wallets, e-commerce portals, etc. This enables ticket buying be as simple as sending text.

3. Combining services: Bookme enables whole new experience of ticket buying where they combine different services like arranging cab or booking restaurant table.