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Riderson: Earn Money With Small Tasks

Riderson is one of the selected startups for mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. You can still register for the event on here.

Riderson, Romania based startup is a mobile app that lets you make your own schedule to earn extra money by performing small tasks near you. Life moves fast these days, so fast that sometimes the little day-to-day tasks begin to fall by the wayside.

Riderson developed an innovative way to get tasks done quickly and easily with the help of local riders. These riders are qualified local runners who are willing to perform tasksfor others in their neighborhood. Not only are customers gaining freedom from their to-do list, but people in need of extra income or those with a little spare time are put to work and earning cash.

How it works?

  • After your task is live, Riderson’ll notify the best people to get the job done, while you can view its completion real-time.
  • You can verify data accuracy or Riderson’s dedicated team can do it for you. You can reject wrong answers within four days from submission and only pay for verified results.
  • Your task results can be viewed in real-time or exported in an excel file format after the task has expired.


Istanbulite: Customized Experiences in Istanbul

istanbulite logo

Region’s leading startup, investment and entrepreneurship event, Startup Istanbul will bring entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, investors, top executives, decision makers and startups together. If you’re planing to trip around Istanbul, where can you find the best advises?

Here it is! specializes exclusively on customized experiences in Turkey, starting from Istanbul. It is a bespoke travel agency that makes sure you experience the city like locals and gives you the opportunity to have different experiences in the well-known points of the city and also to join in the activities in less-known areas.

Istanbulite guides become your local friends and provide you with the details of how locals live in Istanbul as opposed to only historical facts about the monuments you see.

From tailored itineraries like I have Three Days in Istanbul to unconventional tours like ‘Contemporary Art Walk‘ to workshops on Ottoman cooking, we deliver topnotch expertise in travel.

Basically, give your travel dates, tell bout yourselves and Istanbulite’ll take care of the rest.

The trips are designed throughout Turkey:

  • Book the most suitable hotel for you
  • Arrange your airport pick up & private yacht tour & hot air balloon
  • Organise all your cultural & historical tours

istanbulite is your LOCAL friend who provides you the essential tips on the following:

  • happening happy hour spots,
  • best sunset bars,
  • coolest art galleries,
  • up and coming neighborhoods,
  • latest exhibitions in town,
  • best time to visit the most popular attractions without loads of tourists.

The Entrepreneur Day by DSOA

The Entrepreneur Day by DSOA is a platform that brings together players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a pathway for creating opportunities. A meeting point for the most promising startups, leading regional and international investors and corporations that are committed to innovation.

The Entrepreneur Day Competition is a technology startups pitching competition open to all entrepreneurs from around the world. Ten finalists will pitch their business plans to a judging panel comprising of investors, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

Who can apply?

The Entrepreneur Day Competition is open to all tech entrepreneurs with no age, gender, nationality or territorial limitations. You can apply if:

– You are a full time committed entrepreneur,
– You have good English language skills,
– You have developed a prototype or beta version of a technology product OR have elaborated a detailed and researched business plan.

Applications are open until October 20th. To apply, entrepreneurs need to submit an application form along with a detailed business plan in PowerPoint, PDF or Word format.

Projects will be selected based on various criteria such as innovative proposal, feasibility, scalability and interest for potential investors. 10 finalists, the founder or team will be required to pitch in Dubai on November 10th.

They are also offering 10 other startups the opportunity to showcase for free during the closing event. Each startup will get a free branded space in addition to one stool and shelf to place their promotional materials. Interested startups should apply before October 15th by emailing [email protected]


Passwordless: Password-Free Mobile Authentication Platform

Passwordless has been selected for the mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. You can still register for the event on here.

Algeria based startup, Passwordless is a strong, password-free and mobile authentication platform that allows login to web applications just by scanning QR codes. Online authentication is broken. Current processes are either too underdeveloped to be effective (classic password-based authentication) or too cumbersome to be useful (2FA: two factors authentication).

The founder Youghourta Benali says ”Since users avoid any extra steps even if it provides extra-security for them, we designed Passwordless to make authentication process simple yet powerful. All what the user needs to do is to scan a QR code he or she finds on the login page via our mobile application, and she will be logged in instantaneously”.


Urban Station and Startup Istanbul Partnership

We have another excellent partnership with one of the best coworking spaces in town. If you are in first 5 people who get 3 montly pass from Urban Station, you’ll go to Startup Istanbul Conference for free. And also if you’ve already bought your tickets, you’ll win 2 hours free in Urban Station branches.

Urban Station will also take place with its cool designed office space at Startup Istanbul.

Urban Station

Urban Station is the one of first places opened in Istanbul, designed especially for mobile workers and for those who share the idea that it is possible to work or meet in a different way. The system is very simple: You come in, you choose where to sit, you log in, you get what you want from the coffee break and you only pay for as long as you stay. Urban Station offers interesting rates for use per hour or fraction, stay, week, month and prepaid card options and special packages for members and companies.

Startup Istanbul & PayPal BluePrint Partnership

We would like to share great news with you. We have agreed on a partnership with Paypal BluePrint Startup Program. Only chosen startups of Startup Istanbul can benefit from this partnership and get:

  • Free PayPal transactions up to $50,000 USD in free fees (ar. 1.5m USD in total payments volume)
  • Free Braintree transactions up to $100,000 USD in total payments volume.
  • Mentorship, workshops and one-on-one time with PayPal employees for startups to get advice on technical and business topics.
  • White-glove support from PayPal’s customer service and from the developer relations team.

What is Startup Blueprint?

Startup Blueprint is a global program that partners with top tier startups, incubators, accelerators and VCs. Startup Blueprint provides innovative startups with tools needed to grow and succeed. Through Blueprint, PayPal is helping and mentoring early stage startups grow their businesses.




Startup Istanbul Attendees will be able to enter ICT Summit NOW 2014

Startup Istanbul will take place at Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC) in the downtown. The event will host more than 1000 participants, 100 startups and 200 investors from over 40 countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Greece and Bulgaria etc.

ICT Summit NOW Bilisim Zirvesi’14  will take place at Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center at the same day with Startup Istanbul.

Startup Istanbul attendees will be able to get in ICT Summit NOW for free on the 30 of September and also ICT Summit NOW Attendees will be able to enter Startup Istanbul with 100 euro discount.

*For information you can send an email to [email protected]

bilisim zirvesi


Algeria's Startup Ecosytem: Abdellah Mallek Interview

Algerian Startup, Passwordless and much more have been selected for the mentorship and training program. You can see the full list on here.

Algerians are developing their startup ecosystem and growing entrepreneurial spirit. In recent years, the tech events are being organized and the new startups are launched. Although there are some gaps between entrepreneurs and business procedures, ( and also the slow implementation of 3G) some Algerians are now working on interesting startup projects.

We’ve talked with Abdellah Mallek about Algeria’s developing startup culture, Abdellah was one of the organizers of Startup Weekend and BeMyApp events in Algeria, after passing by the first incubator in Algeria, he is currently a contributor for “Wamda” and Co-founder of “Startup Algeria.

AbdellahCan you tell us a little bit about yourself please?

I’m a Young Algerian entrepreneur, and a startups, entrepreneurship and economical development passionate. After many events organization experiences (startups, mobile, IT), and a startup project that failed, I am starting a whole new entrepreneurship adventure! As I’ve always had a huge interest in startup and in their contribution to economy, I am currently working with experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe, and we are building some new projects of startups development in Algeria, involving all interested parties and Algerian ecosystem’s stakeholders. Otherwise, I am having some consultancy activities in digital communication for Algerian companies, and advising some foreign companies/organizations which are interested in entering the Algerian market.

Is there any accelerators in Algeria or VCs? Is there any events being organized for entrepreneurs? What kind of support are given to startups and entrepreneurs in Algeria?

There is actually one public incubator that was founded few years ago by the government, Sidi Abdellah incubator, (with local representation in other cities over the country) aiming to give a boost to local entrepreneurs. Also, some brands are getting interested in startups, like the phone services provider Ooredoo, who launched an annual startup contest at national level, followed by a mentoring program provided by their new accelerator in Algiers.

Some events like Startup Weekend are very popular and are organized very often everywhere in the country. (Annaba, Algiers, Oran, Ouargla…).

What is Wamda, what are you doing in there?

Wamda is the number one entrepreneurship media in MENA region and it’s covering the entrepreneurship activity in the region. My contribution consists of creating some content about Algerian ecosystem, which is fully launching, and not very well known at local and international levels, through some papers, and also presenting what’s happening in the country. Wamda is having in promoting entrepreneurship in Algeria and for the whole region could help to accelerate the development of the ecosystem.

What are the challenges that the Algeria startup ecosystem and Algerian entrepreneurs face from your side?

We are facing some cultural and technical challenges to which we are trying to find solutions.

The first issue we are having is the remaining of some old fashioned thoughts like “startups are made only for – or by- young student or graduates”. There is a real need to popularize the startup/entrepreneurship culture in the country, and I think that we need to see more people with more experience starting a new entrepreneurial adventure

The second real challenge is a technical issue and lack of equipment. We see every day so many startups that could reach real success if only equipment is available.

Also, entrepreneurs are facing very long and difficult administrative procedures before starting their business, and in so many cases this is a sufficient reason to stop all ambitions before even they can start.

Also, the community is losing day by day highly qualified people who choose to leave the country for better horizons. This will lead to a real impoverishment in skills and lack of qualified people who are able to accomplish so many things.

The last, and not the least, problem is fund rising: besides adjusting the existent funding programs, the government is proposing to startups, we need to introduce and popularize the “business angels culture” in Algeria

InsideOut Today |

What are the biggest trend for internet Entrepreneurs in Algeria now?

• Definitely E-commerce without e-payment: everyone is waiting for e-payment but everyone is launching new projects related to e-payment to be ready when it will be available, while most of transactions in Algeria are still made by cash.

• One year after the official launch of the 3G (yeah we were kind of late), Algerian consumption of mobile internet is increasing, and it is expected to increase more with the price drop due to market competition between 3 local providers. For these reasons, I strongly believe that mobile market is a very promising market in Algeria, especially with the lack of mobile content that offers unlimited possibilities for mobile and app creation for local target.

What should be done in Algeria to launch a successful startups, to be a success story? Is there any global projects which were already launched?

The biggest struggle in Algeria is to find the funding, even if the government is supporting entrepreneurship through funding programs that helped a lot of people (funding have reached 100k $ per project and tax advantages), they still aren’t suitable for startup because of many disadvantages, like the slowness of procedures (while we know the time is critical for any product launching). These funding programs aren’t suitable for startup because they are about providing material for startups, and not money, while startups actually need money to hire new talents or go abroad to introduce their products rather than printers, machines and other stuffs.


Goutra, an inventive tool for water consumption monitoring, even if the founder has encountered many troubles at his beginnings, i think that he could go further and even go global

• Passwordless: Password-free authentication platform that allows login to web applications just by scanning QR codes, the project has been selected for Startup Istanbul.

Ouedness is one of the biggest websites in Algeria

What are your favorite startups in Algeria or is there any?

I had the chance to meet many times the startup ioGrow, which is CRM for startups, and every time I have been surprised by the quick and huge evolution of their product, they team work, and more by their global way of thinking and their aim-away spirit. I think that everyone else knowing ioGrow is sharing the same thought about them, and i believe that they could be a real success story that could inspire many others to follow their path.

Also, I think that Ouedkniss, one of the first Algerian websites and one of the biggest speaking in terms of visitors numbers (in Algeria), an announcement site launched in 2006 by 4 students and which knew a huge evolution since then, is going to have an even more biggest evolution once the e-payment will be available, especially when we look to the long way they walked since their early beginning.


iiAwards Competition: Call for Participation

The iiAwards is an international multi-sector startup competition organized by Paris Région Lab to reward the best companies, pre-selected by a jury of investors and experts in innovation.

20 finalists will be invited to Paris to make their pitch to a jury of 30 investors, recognized entrepreneurs and journalists. In addition, the 20 finalists will have the possibility to meet members of the Open Innovation Club, composed of 60 bigs companies in France, and to present their work to the audience of the Grands Prix de l’Innovation awards in a stand at the Forum organized by the Cité de la Mode et du Design on 1st and 2 nd December.

Out of the 20 finalists, the jury will select 6 start-ups who will have the possibility to join one of the start-up incubators managed by Paris Région Lab and to participate in a 3-month programme in Paris. The 6 finalists will make their final pitch at the iiAwards ceremony in Paris in front of an audience of 1,500 people. The winner will receive €20,000.

*You can share your project through until October 17th !

Start Trek Visiting The Startup Community In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the six cities Eleven Accelerator and Partners will visit during their annual Start Trek tour around the region.

For second year Eleven and some of its remarkable network partners will explore the startup ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe during the Start Trek tour. Start Trek 2014 is a 12-day journey around six of the major startup cities in the region with a local community event in each destination.

The Start Trek crew is on its everlasting mission to build bridges among the startup communities in CEE, but this time it goes even further by bringing along influencers from all over Europe. The tour is meant to inspire the local communities through a series of motivational talks and workshops. In addition, the tour empowers the local community leaders by meeting them with people from the biggest tech hubs in Europe.

Istanbul (Sep 29) is the first stop of the Start Trek tour, where Eleven is joining forces with the organizers of Startup Istanbul. Afterwards, the tour will head to Bucharest, Belgrade, Podgorica, Zagreb and Sofia. Among the international speakers that will join the event in Istanbul are Luka Sucic from the accelerator hub:raum, Lorcan O’Sullivan from Enterprise Ireland, and Connor Murphy from Datahug.

Start Trek Istanbul will be held in Avantgarde Levent Hotel. The event is open and free for all startup enthusiasts and activists, who want to learn more about building a business from scratch and growing it. All speakers will have 15-minute slots for one-on-one meetings with the attendees after the presentations. The event will finish with networking drinks. Register here to join.