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Growth Hacking Tips: Why is Remarketing Important?

The Growth Hacker and The founder of KISSmetrics, Neil Patel will be on stage at Startup Istanbul Conference on the 30th of September.

You can effectively use Remarketing to increase your revenue, but firstly you have to know what Remarketing is actually! Remarketing is a marketing technique that allows you to target users who have previously visited your website. It is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. You can use Remarketing to bring the visitors back to your website and convert them into a sale.

Why is Remarketing important?

It’s important because %96 of individuals leave a website before converting and %46 of people visit a website 2 or 4 time before making a purchase. Online shopping carts are abandoned over %70 of the time and customers don’t buy over %60 of the items left in shopping carts. The goal is to reach customers when they’re most likely to buy.

Here are some tips for your Remarketing Lists:

  1. Create copy for the ads and landing pages that is tailored to site visitors

  2. Exclude certain visitors

  3. Place a higher bid when your Remarketing list audience searches for keywords

  4. Set and test impression caps. Don’t show the same ads to someone over and over

  5. Craft the marketing message to the purpose, product and user.

  6. Set up conversion tracking and make sure to stop sending ads to customers that have already converted.


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Istanbul Eats (Part 2): The Best Lunch Spots

We are here for the second part of Istanbul Eats. Of course there are lots of beautiful places to eat in Istanbul, but this list includes the restaurants where we love to eat.

Here are the best points to eat lunch:

Lokanta Maya

The materials used in the food comes from its sources. For example, cheese from Ezine, pomegranate syrup from Antakya. In every bite you take, you feel these details. It’s a place with dim lighting, located in Karakoy and the wine menu is also quite successful. Tip: Taste olive oil which comes from their own olive trees in Amos.


Rotisserie Noir

Are you interested in meat? Ok, It’s the right place to eat filling lunch. They are also famous with their starters such as brown butter and melted goat cheese. But be careful, you can be sated just with these refreshments. For main dining, the meat called Lokum will be the right choice. The place is located in Suadiye, Kadikoy.


Pandeli Lokantası

Queen Elizabeth, Robert McNamara, Bill Richardson, Audrey Hepburn, Tony Curtis, Robert De Niro..These are some of the famous names who had come to Pandeli Restaurant. You can taste everything here but we advise to eat lamb shank with vegetables and sea bass. With its blue tiles, Pandeli is located inside the Mısır Çarşısı (The Spice Bazaar) in Eminönü.


Feriye Lokantası

Located on the shore of the Bosphorus, with views of the Ortakoy Mosque and the iconic Bosphorus Bridge, this restaurant includes an a-la-carte restaurant, cafe and bar. It has two separate restaurant venues for summer and winter, with a large outdoor seating area. The menu, too, varies with the seasons, a result of the chefs’ uncompromising focus on the use of natural and seasonal ingredients.


Cafe Feride

If not for anything, you can visit Cafe Feride, located in Kabatas, just for its lovely owners. You will find a varied menu every day in lunch service. Especially we advise you to taste wraps, cold yogurt soup, vegetable borek and lentil patties. Feride is located in Kabatas.


Karaköyüm Cafe Restaurant

Karakoyum cafe & restaurant is located at top floor in Kemeralti Cad. You have to take the elevator entering the building at No.8 and reach the top. The menu is rich of different proposals including pasta, meat, fish and salads explained in details, we recommend their Karakoyum seabass, a very tasteful while delicate fish meal.


All Sports Cafe

With its small and lovely garden, All Sports Cafe is becoming very crowded especially in lunch time. The main reason why people visit here is their salads. The menu at All Sports include salads, sandwiches, pastas, main courses – yasai and toriniku nabe, desserts, soft drink. Tip: Taste Roast Beef Salad and Kuinoa Salad.


Developer Bootcamps: Time to Enlist

This post is written by Peri Kadaster

While not all startups are started from lines of code, from photography filtering apps to ecommerce websites for shoes to taxis that find you wherever you are, software engineering is a critical aspect of entrepreneurship. For even the most basic B2C products and services, consumers are using technology to engage, and that requires building a strong platform.

But coding can’t be done in a vacuum – it requires real life deployment to find bugs, learn usage behavior, and build a feedback loop between user and developer. A major initiative has been the advent of “developer bootcamps,” bridging focused training time with real life applications.

One of the first was Dev Bootcamp, founded in the US in 2012 as an intensive, 9-week web development course – a self-described “apprenticeship program on steroids.” Dozens quickly followed, including App Academy, Code Fellows, and more.

More recently, bootcamps have been popping up in other parts of the world, especially in areas where computer software degree programs are nascent and the student / young professional demographic is tech savvy and has disposable income for gadgets.

Locally, Monitise (formerly Pozitron) is launching Turkey’s first developer bootcamp, a full week crash course called CodeCamp Istanbul kicking off in September. More information is available at

There are similarities in the pedagogy across all of these bootcamps – lecture-based and practical courses on development by the experts, paired with mutlidisciplinary training on design, usability, quality assurance, and more.

The advent of developer bootcamps is a welcome addition to the startup ecosystem, providing valuable skills to developers as well as a talent pool for startups (and investors).

A New Startup from Guatemala Needs Your Help to Join Startup Istanbul

We got a huge amount of applications from Startups and still getting very surprising news everyday. Here is one of the inspiring ones from Guatemala.

Zynn izynns one of the selected Startups for the mentorship & training program of Startup Istanbul. They focus in interconnected devices and big data analysis services for businesses. It is a cross-platform app that read/write to any database and connects many other devices for data (IoT), and Big Data predictions models for business. They already have some traction in local market. Besides making big business, they will be promoting for women and public schools to be taught programming.

NOW, They have a chance to get investment to grow their business, but there is a problem!

They need a little push!

The problem is the flight cost from Guatemala to Istanbul. The amount is about $2500 per person and they need $5000 for two co-founders of the company, Maria Leal and Javier Ogarrio. For this reason they started a donation campaign on and got their first donation a few days ago.

Let’s help them to get chance to to pitch in front of top tech investors and VC partners from 500 Startups, Microsoft Ventures, Google, Twitter, Facebook, SAP and other big names.

You can donate from here.


Maria Leal

At age of 15, Maria had her first job at a clothes factory. Few years later, she opens her own small business which provided her with the income to pay university to study Marketing and International Commerce. Her business grows to become provider for Walmart. Today handles Zynn business relations and sales operations. She created for Zynn a 100K opportunity in first 6 months during 2014, and lead of 500K for 2015.

Javier Ogarrio

Javier started as a software developer at 13. At 18 got hired as software consultant in Stockholm, Sweden, right after high school in Guatemala. Came back to his hometown to study university but dropped out. Shortly after got recruited in Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist, then Nokia as Technical Strategist for B2B. His focus is mobile and cloud development. Today, he directs the technology strategy for Zynn and created the platform. Currently studying a “Data Scientists” specialization.

Max Gurvits, VC Partner at Teres Capital, will be at Startup Istanbul

maxMax is an entrepreneur turned investor, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. After co-founding and exiting an online legal services company in The Netherlands, Max was on the founding team of Eleven Startup Accelerator in Bulgaria, after which he turned to angel and private investments. Currently a VC partner at Teres Capital, he mentors with Seedcamp, LAUNCHub, Happy Farm, and other accelerators, and is passionate about expanding the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem in the CEE.

Max started his career at the European Commission and worked in the publishing sector before launching his first venture. Raised in Russia, USA, Latin America, and Netherlands, and currently residing in Bulgaria, Max is fluent in six languages, loves to blog about start-ups, and is frequently found in art and creative circles.

Max holds a Masters degree in International and European law from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and also attended Universita di Bologna (Italy) and University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States).

Listen to Eren Bali, CEO of Udemy, at Startup Istanbul Conference

Learn about to launch a successful E-Learning Company, by Udemy co-founder-Eren Bali in Startup Istanbul. Get your Early Bird Tickets

Eren Bali was the downloadco-founder and CEO of Udemy, the largest marketplace for online courses. Over 10 thousand instructor teach courses on Udemy to 3.5 million students. Udemy is based in San Francisco and has raised $48 million dollars from venture capitalists. Eren recently stepped down from the CEO position to focus entirely on innovating how people learn on demand.

Prior to Udemy, Eren worked as a developer at,, and bitgravity. Eren also worked at SpeedDate (acquired by IAC) as a founding engineer.

Eren graduated from METU (Turkey) with a degree in Computer Science and a double major degree in Mathematics. He won several awards in Mathematics, Physics and CS including a 2nd position in International Mathematical Olympiads. He was also listed in prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2014.

Two-Times Speaker Medaillon Winner, Bas Van den Beld will be at Startup Istanbul

Bas Van den Beld, one of the Top Influential Marketers in the UK, will be on stage at Startup Istanbul. Find out more on here.

Bas Van denBasVanDenBeld_Keynote Beld is an online marketing strategist, trainer and speaker. He is known as an expert and influential on Internet Marketing, Social Marketing and Search Marketing worldwide and especially Europe.

He is the founder and chief of State of Digital, a website that focuses on bringing the right information and knowledge to the right people and get companies forward in Digital. He is two times  winner of the Speaker Medaillon on the International Search Summit, winner of the best speaker Award in Karaj, Iran, and was voted amongst the Top Influential Marketers in the UK.

He consults with several type of companies on implementation of strategic Internet Marketing and provides training in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media in the organisation, and Social Marketing and Influence Marketing related topics.

Kamal Hassan will be coming to Startup Istanbul

Top Tech Speakers and Investors will be at Startup Istanbul Conference. Let’s meet at the biggest networking event in Eurasia .

Kamal_Hassan_2012_headshot_smKamal Hassan is a 20-year veteran of the business world with expertise in corporate strategy, innovation management, performance excellence and business development and growth. As Founder, President and CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) Innovation 360, he works with organizations of all sizes and specialties to enhance value creation through innovative products, services and business models. An active consultant, mentor and coach, he leverages his real-world experience to advise Innovation 360’s enterprise-level and government clients in a number of areas including innovation strategy, execution and leadership; sustaining innovation gains; and business model design and transformation.

In addition, Kamal is an active supporter of SMEs and startups, helping them become more competitive using business model innovation, and contributing time and financial support to regional educational programs. He is the driving force behind i360accelerator, a 120-day startup accelerator and seed funding program for entrepreneurs and startup teams. He also served as a managing director for the TURN8 seed accelerator founded by DP World.

As a General Partner for Fenox Venture Ccapital, Kamal manages the Fenox Global Fund IV, a venture fund that seeks to invest USD $100 million in seed, Series A and pre-IPO funding throughout the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

Kamal has a Masters in Genetic Engineering from San Francisco State University in the U.S., and has completed executive education courses at Harvard Business School, Leeds School of Business and The Wharton School. He is also a Certified Facilitator for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY®, a methodology that increases creativity and can be used to generate innovative business models.